Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sundae Experiment.

So here's my idea..

Offer up a free sundae with all the trimmings to anyone willing to sit with me and answer 5 questions. On the record.

The conversation shouldn't take more than the time it takes to enjoy that sundae.

And it will happen on a Sunday. Only on a Sunday.

Ok, that last rule isn't etched in stone. I just liked the symmetry.

My hope is you/they will let me take a quick photograph of our Sunday sundae conversation.

I'm sure you're already wondering... So what are the questions? And what exactly does 'on the record' mean?

I'm still making final cuts to the list of questions I've scratched into my trusty travel journal over the course of last month's break, or 'January of Jim' as I like to call it, but I can give you a rough idea. Perhaps you've read my little 'life as I see it' picture book.. you know the ice cream tattered one that sits on the soda fountain counter here at Mt. Tom's. In case you haven't seen it, click here - Hand-me-downs: Some Slightly used Tips on Life for my Little Brother. In a nutshell, consider this your chance to share with the world (ok, maybe not the whole world but our little world) a few of your own thoughts on life, liberty, and the pursuit of being happy.

My plan is to transcribe our sundae chat, savor it for a little while, then edit it up into a short essay. When I've got a decent sized stack of sundae chats, I hope to assemble them into a book entitled, wait for it, The Sundae Experiment. I have a bunch of other names in my journal too, but SE is my favorite right now.

I think it'll be fun. A great chance to learn. To write. To share. As you know from the silence around this blog during a good part of the summer, now is prime writing time for me. My best chance to get some momentum before the high season returns. I'm definitely hoping to share a few conversations here along the way. And don't worry, there's no pressure. You'll be the first critic of the finished product, long before it hits the Ice Cream Diaries or the aforementioned book. And if it's not to your liking, we scrap it and forget it ever happened. Worst case, you got a free sundae out of the deal.

Ok, so who's in?



justin said...

I'd love it! Karen Croisetiere

Lisa said...

Wow... a chance at infamy!! Sounds like fun... can't guarantee when I can be there, though. Dena and I will have to take a ride for the occasion.

Kate said...

Me! If I'm around. I pack coolers when I visit friends in Easthampton, just so I can take some Mt. Tom's home to Boston! It's the best ice cream, and I'm known to (if I'm not driving) pack a spoon too...

scrabblepodcast said...

Sounds perfect, especially since Sunday is usually my only day off. That, and I like sundaes.

Anonymous said...

Pass up an opportunity for a free Mt. Tom's Sundae, or actually any opportunity for a Mt. Tom's Sundae? Never. Count me in.
Kat O'Connor

Katie Jackson said...

I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Katie Jackson said...

I'm in! Where do I sign up?