Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankgiving Desserts & Go Mimi & Michelle!

I realize my holiday window displays won't deter anyone from their annual pilgrimages with the kids to the Macy's windows, but in general I try to give it my best shot, given the usual fairly burnt out from the full summer run mood I'm in when they start to hit. I also realize Thanksgiving is more about being thankful, getting together with family and friends, and eating until the button on your jeans pops off and hits the dog in the side of the face than being about window displays anyway. It's a tough place to be for a holiday window display, being sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, the grand-daddies of display holidays.

So I suppose I shouldn't be defensive about the feeblest of Thanksgiving window displays I have to offer, as witnessed in the shot you just saw.

Less time for window dressing (like that segway?), more time to make all the frozen dessert delights your relatives have now come to expect from you on T-day...

Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake, the surprise fall hit, apple pie, rum raisin, and the many other special and regular favorites are ready and waiting for you to drop in and say 'I'll take a hand-packed quart of...'

For those really daring, next up, just in time for the T-day sweeps, Eggnog Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Come on, I dare ya.

And if you're really planning ahead, why not give a call (413)-529-2929 now and order up your favorite ice cream pie or ice cream cake. Deer Trax, Cookies n' Fudge, Cashew Turtle, Skybar, and as many other specials as I can think of this weekend.. Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake, Hazelnut Cappuccino Fudge. Do I need to go on?

If you're just looking for ice cream to scoop next to Gram's apple pie or Aunt Betty's pecan pie, just drop on by for some handpacked. The wednesday before Thanksgiving is always busy, so don't hesitate to call ahead, and we can pack 'em up and have 'em ready for you when get here.

You can always check out the current flavors list here.

And you're always welcome to stop by for gourmet chocolates, penny candy, fresh organic coffee beans from Indigo Roasters, and perhaps a bit of sweet pumpkin spice tea from the TeaGuys.

Hungry yet?

Here are our Thanksgiving week hours:

Monday: 12-5
Tuesday: 12-8:30
Wednesday: 11-8:30
Thursday: closed.
Friday: 12-9 pm
Saturday: 12-9 pm.

A final note before I end this little infomercial blog entry. Best of luck to Mimi Henault and Michelle Rousseau this weekend in the Junior Miss competition. There are only 2 Easthampton High young women entered, and wouldn't you know, they both are part of the Mt. Tom's scoop team.

(Apologies to Michelle, seems I don't have portrait of her to share here...)

Go get 'em!

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