Saturday, October 03, 2009

This always happens.

The summer scooping pace usually hits the brakes when that first cool snap rolls into the generally-happy Valley. You get a little tap of the brakes when school starts, and another one as the days get shorter over the course of September. As you've probably noticed, this week was middle-aged man Autumn's chosen time to visit. With temps barely escaping the 50's, things have quieted right down here in Eastscoopton. As I mentioned a few days ago, it's actually a welcomed chance for somewhat of a life balance to return, even if the bank account isn't quite as appreciative.

In any event, I hope you are enjoying this rainy Saturday. I only pop in here to show you how many flavors we've got going right now. It always seems to happen around this time. It takes me a few weeks to adjust my ice cream making and special flavor creation to the Fall-induced lighter traffic. So inevitably, I end up with a bunch of flavors. This year, and I believe a personal best, I count 52 flavors in the dippers right now.

Including a couple first-timers - strawberry Fro-Yo and buttered popcorn.

This ought to be the last peach batch of the year. Gotta make room for the pumpkin pie and apple pie and autumn such.

Rainy Saturday, perhaps I'll tinker some more. Work on that pond dredge ice cream pie or perhaps a Mt. Tom's trail mix sundae, hmm....

Hope to see you soon.

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