Tuesday, October 06, 2009

BearFest HomeStretch.

Seems like only yesterday when our 35 fiberglass friends magically appeared around town early one day in June. Well, we've now come to the home stretch for BearFest 2009. Tabletop bears are being rounded up as I type, the Easthampton City Arts team frantically finishes up the prep for the upcoming 'Weeklong Celebration of the Arts', and soon will be gathering up, touching up, and moving up all the outside bears to the Log Cabin for the big gala slash live auction.

A detailed schedule of events is now available here at Mt. Tom's as well as the usual art places (Old Town Hall, Nashawannuck Gallery).

If you don't have an opportunity to get your hands on one, most of the info you need is right here.

A few highlights:

Saturday, October 10th, Old Town Hall, 2pm Bear Chainsaw carving. (don't worry, they're actually carving bears out of logs). Lots of ArtWalk Bear excitement and great art.

Sunday, Oct 11th, 7pm, Jazz Concert at the White Brook Middle School, starring Grammy nominated singer Karrin Allyson and many more.

Monday, October 12th, Teddy Bear Picnic, 12-2pm on the Easthampton Savings Bank lawn, (pie will be served...along with Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Cream... Bear Tracks of course. And vanilla)

And much more...

So why don't you take advantage of this fine Fall weather, grab your camera and kiddos, and take one last Bearfest stroll through town before they're gone.

And we still have lots of Bear souvenirs, including the cool new BearFest posters, proceeds as always go to great local art causes...

Enjoy the grand finale, and feel free to join the bidding fun.

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