Monday, June 15, 2009


You've probably already heard, but posting up this cool poster created by Bronwen Hodgkinson just in case.

Much more on the amazing Easthampton BearFest to follow. In the meantime...

Patrick Brough Bay Road Photo post

CBS3 Story

22News Story

And contrary to the original rumor, the 2nd alleged bear gone missing was pulled off its log, but was not taken. Deshria's 'Rubber Ducky bear' is safe and sound. In fact, it's quite comfortable sitting in the window of Mt. Tom's right now. It will be back in its spot in a few days...

Hope you got to get out and check out the bears this weekend. If not, I hope you can grab a map (we have plenty here in the shop) and a take a stroll around town to see them.


Jen Moulton said...

I'm putting together a Google Map of the bear locations as well. Hopefully that will be done today. :)

ValleyWriter said...

Thanks to your posts touting the BearFest, I managed to convince my hubby we *had* to go on Saturday - and we had a ball! I've got more pictures of some of the bears posted on my blog if anyone's interested: