Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fend off Tough Times with Small Comforts.

While rummaging thru the bad news of the day, I came across this little bright spot. It's especially bright if you make ice cream or rent DVD's for a living...

Americans Reach for Small Luxuries amid Sour Economy

"In hard times, chocolate is comforting and affordable," says Fabrizio Parini, senior vice president of marketing at Ghirardelli, where 2009 sales are projected to surpass 2008.

The need to fend off tough times with small comforts — whether laced with sugar or blanketed by fur — runs deep in human beings.

"It's a basic human trait to have indulgences in one's life, things that reinforce your identity and keep you moving forward," says Eric Almquist, head of global consumer insights at Boston-based consulting firm Bain & Company, which recently produced a study called The Consumer of the Future.

And my personal favorite..

"Ice cream, music, DVDs all will persist," he says, noting that the Bain study found that "vice" purchases are still popular.

Of course, I'm still pulling for a rebound. And Spring.

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