Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pass the Pumpkin Ice Cream pie...

You heard it right. Pumpkin Ice Cream pie. It's an ice cream pie made with Mt. Tom's pumpkin pie ice cream on a bed of sugar cookie crunchy things. Topped off with a pinch or two of chocolate sprinkles and a buttercream icing border. Mmm. I sell a bunch of these tasty desserts for Thanksgiving. Making ice cream pies and tubs of vanilla is pretty much all I do for the four or five days leading up to the wednesday before Turkey Day. It's a nice little late November win-win. My customers get a cool dessert to bring or serve for Thanksgiving dinner, and I enjoy a tiring but helpful opportunity to cover for the slowdown in sales on account of the cooler weather and shorter days. I think you should call and reserve yours today. But that's just my opinion.
By the way, that's not actually a pumpkin pie ice cream pie pictured. It's an equally tasty cashew turtle pie, albeit slightly more photogenic than the pumpkin. Vanilla ice cream topped with wicked good fudge, caramel, and salted, roasted cashews and a cookie crunch on the bottom. Feel free to order up one of those too. Did I mention the deer trax pie yet?

My name is Jim Ingram, and I approved this ad.


Liz P said...

That sounds really good! Do you have a picture? (This photo is of regular pumpkin pie, isn't it?)

dena_urban said...

And you ship these to NJ, right???