Monday, April 04, 2005

Welcome to the new medium of the Diaries

Well, here I am again. Getting with the times and evolving my loved, liked, or loathed Ice Cream Diaries to the hip medium of our fledgling era of broadband. Anyway, I'm not sure how this will work out, but as that mouse who had his cheese moved (Note my first hyperlink, blogs are all about links I'm told), you gotta adapt with the times. More importantly for me, I thought that with the 'season' just about to hit, I'd be kidding myself if I thought I was going to have time to sit down and whip up a full episode a month or so until probably October. By using the blog format, I can just drop a little in here, a little there, on rainy days, during the dinner 'lull', late at night when I can't sleep because I'm so hyped up from making 100 batches of ice cream that day. Makes good sense to me. I hope you enjoy this new approach, and please bear with me as I most assuredly will make a few mistakes as I climb up the curve and try to find the appropriate 'voice' for this kind of thing. If nothing else, I hope to add more photos than the less than occasional top 10 or whatever I did in the past. Let the blogging begin...

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