Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Spring Sprung

I suppose it doesn't take a rocket scientist or an ice cream chemist to figure out that ice cream sales are hugely dependent on the weather. As you know, Summer arrived early this year as the mercury hit almost 90 degrees a week or so ago. Since it came out of nowhere, I was a bit unprepared and definitely understaffed for the onslaught of new and returning ice cream customers. Those first 2 weekends in April rivaled the best weekends I had last Summer. Certainly a good sign for this, my second season. More typical Spring weather has returned though. Cooler temps and the more expected New England April showers are filling up the ponds and streams. The silver (and dry) lining I suppose is it's given me a chance to get caught up and better prepared for the real season. I'm now stocked up with all the important things like cups and coins and caramel, so I say bring back the heat!

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