Monday, May 23, 2011

Easthampton, Massachusetts: A coffee table book.

You may have noticed it on the soda fountain counter in the shop, sitting right next to my self-described 'the world according to me' book, Hand-me-downs: Some Just Slightly used Tips on Life for my Little Brother. I had the idea in my head for most of the off-season but never quite made the time to put it together. Well, it finally worked its way up my projects 'to-do list', and with the help of a bunch of rainy Spring days, I got it done.

What am I talking about you wonder?

Well, it's a little coffee table book of my favorite local images. You may recognize many from JimArt photo cards on the aforementioned counter. I've included 'bottle shots' from all seasons, the Manhan Rail Trail, and Mountain View Farm, just to name a few. Here's a couple to wet your appetite..

Early fishermen on the Nashawannuck Pond..

Early snow on the same pond...

When I first started putting the book together, I planned to include a quote to go with each photograph, like Hand-me-downs but without the stories. In the end, I decided to keep the quotes/life philosophies, but include them at the end in one complete list, rather than distract from the local images.

You may remember the list from a blog entry I made here in the Ice Cream Diaries a year or two ago. Someone had forwarded me an email going around of life tips from 90 year old writer Regina Brett. I found it on-line HERE. Never one to back down from a metaphysical challenge, I put together my own list of 'Things I've Learned about Life'. My list includes 53, not to try to outdo Regina, but, in true ice cream dorkiness, to match the number of flavors we have going at any given time at the shop. My list of life observations is included at the end of the Easthampton matte-finish photo tour.

The first run was pretty small (testing the waters), so come on down and check it out. If you like it and decide it's perfect for your Easthampton-based coffee table, or perhaps for a friend or family member who may have moved away from our homey hamlet, they're just $10.95.

And if it's a hit, I'm sure I can order more.

Proceeds will go into the Mt. Tom's 'Sweet Local Causes' fund.

Thanks in advance. I hope you enjoy it.


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