Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talking about Ice Cream.

It is called the Ice Cream Diaries, after all, so sometimes I really do talk about ice cream. After spending the bulk of the past six days in the weeds, thanks to a stellar long weekend of weather perfection, today has brought things right back down to Earth. A light drizzle and a brisk 53 degrees is no kind of May weather, even for we New Englanders. But, like I mentioned, if the weather is going to go north, happy to see it happen midweek and not mid-long weekend. Like most things in life, I think it all evens out over time anyway.

So with the lull in the action today, I took the opportunity to make up a few flavors that have been swirling around in my head for a while. The first, Mimosa sorbet...

In case you've never enjoyed this fine breakfast treat, a mimosa is champagne with orange juice.

And for those that prefer a more hoppy adult beverage, I also got a chance to make another beer flavor today. It's not exactly the Guiness beer ice cream you may have tried here around St. Paddy's day and a couple other times a year, but it's close.

It seems an inspiration for a new flavor can strike at just about any time and any place. As might seem obvious in about three sentences, this flavor began brewing in my head while I was across the street at my favorite local pub, The Brass Cat. They have a little 'contest' going right now that involves checking off a number of different fine (and not so fine) beverages, most of which are in the genus and species of beer. You've got months to finish 'your list', and from what I've seen it's been great for Mike the owner's biz.

Kudos for creativity during these 'challenging times'.

In any event, the beer that came up on my list on this particular night was a chocolate stout. It was a treat, dessert in a mug. About three sips into it, I was certain my next batch of stout beer ice cream would be a chocolate one. And I was right.

Both will be out for sampling and indulging this weekend. I hope you can swing by. And if you're not over 21, or just don't like the idea of mixing happy hour with dessert, perhaps the latest cake batter offspring might tempt you. Last week it was cookies n' cake batter, then birthday cake batter (with marshmallow swirl), and up right now it's cake batter sundae.

Cake batter ice cream with marshmallow swirl, fudge swirl, and rainbow sprinkles (as seen above). Have to credit ace scooper extraordinaire, Lauren, for this one.

Of course, there are 52 other flavors to choose from too...

And, as always, don't hesitate to suggest one of your own.

See you soon.

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