Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Long Weekend Snaps.

I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Here in New England, the weather was just about as good as it gets. 70's and 80's with unlimited sunshine all weekend. Perfect for all those graduations, bbq's, hikes, trips to the ice cream shop, and any other outdoor events you had up your shirtsleeve.

I did just watch a cool Season five Northern Exposure episode this morning and was preparing to launch into a deep discussion about the self-esteem versus external validation drama that played out in Cicily, Alaska, but on this first day back from what was an extremely hectic (and successful) weekend spent mostly in the weeds, I thought I'd keep it a bit lighter. Here are a few random images from the long weekend...

Again, didn't catch her name. A content birthday party goer, enjoying the 'seems-like-it-takes-forever' post ice cream making ice cream tasting. Fresh out of the machine at 27 degrees, like softserve but way creamier, denser, and tastier.

I got an excited 'Jim, you gotta check this out' yell from Katie, ace scooper, yesterday while she was restocking some candy jars. Seems the bag of sour bright crawlers held within its plasticy confines, one giant scary sour gummy bear, the likes of which Mt. Tom's candy jar-land has never seen. Right out of a cheesy Japanese Godzilla movie, this gummy Grizzly wrought fear into all the other gummy residents, particularly one of the 'normal' gummy bears, as seen here. It was hard to capture the fear on this young GB's face, but believe me, he was terrified. One of our other scoopers, Mi-Mi, jumped in to save the day, though, by fearlessly tossing down the overgrown gummy mutant in one bite.

What's a good sign you have a great crew. When, on a hot Memorial Day weekend day you can still sneak away for an hour to wax your truck. Ain't she pretty? Alas, with a dusty, dirt parking lot for its daily resting place, she won't be this clean again until, well, probably never.

Jackson and Amalie got a new dog. Seems he's gotten pretty attached to her already. Here he is pining for her, while Jackson impatiently waits for his cookie dough cone. Then again, the pooch could just be pining for a puppy cup of vanilla.

Here's one for all my cityslicker buddies. Easthampton isn't exactly the deep woods of Maine, but it does have its moments. This one always cracks me up. A man, his tractor, and swanky red trailer. Why bring the gas to you when you can just go to the gas. The gas station across the street this morning...

And finally, a quiet, contemplative view of our backyard front row ice cream seats. Grab a cone, wander down the alley, and plant yourself on one of these for a while. The fishing is just ok, but the view is pretty darn nice.

I promised I wouldn't launch into a metaphysical Northern Exposure-induced rant, but looking at this 'chair soldiers on the pond' image brought back the quote from that same episode...

Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them being. They still love its winding rivers, its great mountains and sequestered vales, and they watch in tenderest affection over the lonely heart of the living, and often return to comfort and visit them.
- Chief Seattle quoted by Marilyn

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