Wednesday, May 04, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog, is that a question?

Well, for anyone who's actually checked up on me here at the ICD blog, you've quickly learned that I'm not the most dedicated blogger in town. This town or most towns I'd guess. Truth be told, I think I'm going back to the old format. I know you bloggers and bloggettes out there are saying, 'See, I told you he wouldn't last a month in b-space'. It seemed like a logical migration. Shorter, more frequent entries rather than the usual monthly (or so) 4 to 5 pager routed via the new snail mail, email. What I've learned, though, through this short blog experiment, is that although the entries are shorter and more random, the pressure to post never goes away. As opposed to the monthly pressure I used to start to feel 3 to 4 weeks after launching an episode. Also, after a couple conversations with friends and relatives (aka my Diaries subscribers) and just as many explanations of 'what is a blog anyway?', it's become clear that the monthly episode, shared via email and the website, is still the best way to go for the Diaries. I'll keep this blog open, and perhaps I'll use it here and there to share photos and such, in which cases I'll definitely let you know to look. So that's it from here for now. I'll keep my notes on the goings-on and antics of our spoon-waving band of lovable adolescents, and with a little luck and a rainy day, will scoop you a fresh copy of the Ice Cream Diaries soon. Right to your virtual doorstep. In the meantime, cover those tomato plants tonight and have an ice cream anyway, because you know... Life is short. Eat Ice Cream.


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Bobby Lightfoot said...

Jim, I think you might be on to something- we can always use more ice cream.

will drop in soon----

bobby lightfoot,